Since 1997

Brand Greyhound originated from Bangkok, Thailand as a fashion retail. In Year 1980, Greyhound opened its first outlet in Bangkok, launching its fashion line ‘Basic with a Twist’ style and attitude.

In Year 1997, Greyhound ventured into food business by bringing the Greyhound Café brand to the public for the first time in Bangkok, Thailand.

Greyhound Café opened its first outlet at Emporium Shopping Complex in Bangkok. The outlet became instant success among diners as quoted by The Fortune Magazine : ‘THE HOTTEST SEATS IN BANGKOK’ after few weeks of opening.

Credits to be given to the persistence and hands-on approach by Founder of Greyhound, Mr Bhanu Inkawat and Corporate Executive Chef, Mr Torsit Sarisdiwongse in creating iconic and unique dishes for Greyhound Café. This has led to Greyhound Café being the first fashion café in Bangkok offering food concept with a twist in a casual dining experience for diners.

Currently, Greyhound Café has 11 outlets situated across in Bangkok, Thailand. In year 2011, Greyhound Café brand has venture into its first overseas market by opening an outlet at IFC Mall in Hong Kong, China. More outlets has opened since, boasting a total of 10 outlets across Hong Kong and China. Malaysia will be the next major destination for Greyhound Café to expand their brand presence in South East Asia. The First location in Malaysia opened in March 2016 in Bukit Bintang area, right in the heart of KL City Centre.

Our Brand Concept & Dining Experience

Greyhound Café is the first fashionable casual dining café in Bangkok that offers a trendy and creative mix of menus, great service and ambience at a competitive price.

When expanding to international markets, the concept of Greyhound Café is still based on the characteristics of the city where it was born which we recognize as “Hip Bangkok Café Style”.

Bangkok is a city full of a different mix of cultures and art: traditional to modern, street to couture, local to international. Yet, they are all mixed together perfectly in a beautiful chaotic way.

Just like Bangkok, Greyhound Café‘s food concept is about mix and match and in many cases – a mismatched! But definitely, Greyhound Café is not a traditional Thai restaurant.